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Exclusive interview of Carol Celico about Juntos 2012

Carol even in the running of the event and two small children to care for, Lucca (3) and Isabella (1), kindly gave this interview telling us details about the project!

Site renattomanga.com: Carol, in 2010 a similar event happened in Milan also attended the Hillsong London, … you gave up a straw singing Hosanna in English, which is part of the video end of your DVD. How did this idea?
Carol: The idea came from the principle of how the music has the “power” to open or close the hearts of people, making the message chosen to pass in this case, the approach to God is facilitated. The event has a very strong artistic tone and a very concrete concept of biblical principles: Love God above all things and love your neighbor as yourself. Thus forming the basis of these only two commandments many personality traits in people as well as pillars of respect, love and solidarity.

Site renattomanga.com: A second edition is now held on 5 May in Madrid. How are the preparations and the expectations of audience do you have?
Carol: The preparations are a thousand! I like to leave things for the right time, even by the memory of man is too short, so we started this week with the release! We expect a young and otherwise; lives that would never be achieved for the Lord differently. I believe in quality, not quantity. I wish these people who need this experience with God, come on!

Site renattomanga.com: There will be broadcast LIVE over the Internet on the official website juntos2012.com ?
Carol: I still can not confirm the rights of the bands, but wish rather to stream live on the site: juntos2012.com . You may also pass on national TV via Spanish.


Site renattomanga.com: Europe ended up building a reputation as the continent most skeptical of the world being what was once the cradle of Christianity. As people who live there behave toward God?
Carol: The people here in Spain seeking God very much and are very thirsty it. I think the event will fall right in the middle of this crisis so deep that hurt Spain. We need a word of FAITH and HOPE. There is a future!

Site renattomanga.com: This event aims to follow a line Biennial? Do you intend to go beyond Europe? It has plans for South America and Brazil?

Carol: Yes, I want to go to Brazil in the next issue! Who knows will be annual!

Site renattomanga.com: How is the selection of the Levites to attend the event?
Carol: I choose each band once you understand their histories, trajectories, and profile type of music the same way to have a bit of everything.

Site renattomanga.com: Do you intend to make these recordings on CD / DVD for some beneficent action as was done with your material?
Carol: No, the idea and stay on as the only LIVE experience.

Thank you Carol, whenever requested is willing to grant us interviews and moved by God to reach lives with public actions and events breaking down barriers and borders. Thank you Carol!